Cannabis Dispensaries: What You Should Know

Posted on: 17 January 2019

Different states are amending laws to permit the operation of cannabis dispensaries open to the public for recreational use. If you're excited about this news and are considering a trip to another locale where such dispensaries are legal, you might imagine them to be the same as other retail shops and may not anticipate anything unusual during or after your purchase. However, knowing these cannabis-related details will keep you safe legally and enhance your experience at these dispensaries.

You'll Need Identification

You may envision a dispensary trip like a trip to a bakery; you probably envision yourself browsing, selecting something and leaving. While this is mostly accurate, understand that the experience is more like a trip to a liquor store. You will need to present some form of state or federal identification that details your legal age. Without it, you'll leave empty-handed. 

Many dispensaries will offer discounts to locals, which is also something they can determine from proper identification. Therefore, if you ultimately move to a place with dispensaries, you could save money as well. For now, you might enlist a local relative or acquaintance to visit a dispensary with you and consider making some purchases, too.

You Can't Use Cannabis Everywhere

Never make the grave mistake of assuming that, because dispensaries are public and you can legally make purchases, you can use cannabis everywhere. In fact, before dispensary visits, you need to know both legal and illegal locations for cannabis use. For example, if you're planning to visit a federal park and stay in a cabin, understand that cannabis use is almost certainly illegal. If you're heading down to the center of town for a concert, cannabis use could be illegal. Commercial use is possible in a minority of locations; you might want to restrict use to a private hotel room or home if you're unsure.

You Can't Take It Home

If you're hoping to stock up, realize that this could be almost impossible, not to mention illegal. While certain states allow personal and private use, if your home state does not, you're taking a big risk by carrying cannabis products home. Investigate your state's cannabis laws to know whether you could be arrested for attempted inter-state transport of illegal substances.

With these details, recreational cannabis dispensary experiences can be positive ones. Ensure you're remembering this information and behaving in a lawful manner whenever using these products and visiting these dispensaries. Have discussions with dispensary staff to better understand issues related to legal recreational use.