Benefits of Hunting Cougars with Dogs

Posted on: 12 February 2019

If you're planning to buy a hunting package that will give you the opportunity to hunt cougars, you'll frequently find that trained dogs are available with these packages. You might be accustomed to hunting without dogs. For example, if you're an avid deer hunter, deer are prey that you can successfully pursue without the help of canine companions. Cougars are a completely different story, however, and the assistance of even just a couple of dogs can have a major impact in the success of your hunt. Here are three benefits of hunting cougars with dogs.

Ability to Track

Hunting dogs are highly valuable to hunters because of their ability to track. While you can learn how to track your prey by following its footprints and droppings, as well as noticing some other indicators of the path that it's taking, dogs' highly tuned noses make them effective trackers. Unfortunately, visual cues aren't always present, which may dramatically impede your ability to successfully track your prey if you were hunting on your own. Even if there are no visual signs that are evident  to you, your animals won't have any trouble tracking the cougar that you're pursuing through a remote area.

Value as Protection

One of the biggest differences between pursuing cougars and hunting for other prey is the threat that they can pose to you. For many hunters, this element simply increases the stakes and thus the enjoyment of the hunt, but it's never something that you should take lightly. Hunting dogs are trained not only to track the prey but also to protect you from it should the need arise. While they're smaller than a cougar, hunting dogs can be fiercely defensive, and, in the event of you finding yourself in a dangerous situation, they may be pivotal in ensuring your safety.


Don't underestimate the value of hunting dogs during a cougar hunt for the companionship that they provide. The old adage that dogs are peoples' best friend is true, and if you're hunting without another human, being so deep in the wilderness can sometimes feel lonely. The presence of hunting dogs can immediately make you feel less alone, and you'll often find that they quickly gravitate toward you and provide plenty of companionship during the hunt. Consult the different cougar hunting packages that are available where you plan to hunt and strongly consider booking one that includes dogs.