• 4 Tips For Building A Better Horse Shelter

    Many horses are happiest when kept in a pasture with a run-in shelter that they can access at any time. However, that shelter does need to be built in a specific way in order to be safe, warm, and functional. The following are some tips to help you build a better horse shelter. 1. Put down at least a foot of gravel for drainage. Since horses often urinate in their shelters, the floors can get quite wet.
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  • The Key Elements Of A Nutrition Plan For Marathon Runners

    Training for a marathon is not easy. It's an all-encompassing endeavor as in addition to running, you really need to focus on getting plenty of sleep and eating well. A nutrition plan for marathon runners is quite different from a nutrition plan for weightlifters or even soccer players. Here are the key elements you should look for in a good nutrition plan for marathon runners. Adequate Calorie Intake When you're running 40, 50, or even 80 miles a week, your calorie needs will be very high.
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