4 Custom Ribbon Options To Consider

Posted on: 18 October 2017

When it comes to ribbons, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, custom ribbons come in an assortment of different styles. Whether you're looking to design ribbons for athletes, employees, or someone else, it's a good idea to learn about your options. Here are just some of the popular ribbon styles you can choose from.

Card Ribbons

A popular option is carded ribbons. This option is a classic ribbon style that is designed with durability and longevity in mind. This ribbon style is also ideal for those selections that you want to keep on display. With this design, a thick paper is attached to the rear side of the ribbon. This paper, or card, helps protect the fabric and keep it in place. The card can be designed in the same color as the ribbon or a contrasting color; it's your choice.

Flat Ribbons

The more traditional style of ribbon is flat ribbons. This is an excellent option when you need to design a large number of ribbons but also need to adhere to a stricter budget. However, even though they are an economical option, flat ribbons leave nothing to desire when it comes to their appearance, as they are available in just as many design options as other selections are. Flat ribbons are ideal when you need to hand out ribbons to a large number of people. 

Sash Ribbons

For custom ribbons that are designed to mark a special occasion, such as a festival queen or even a special birthday, sash ribbons are an excellent option to make the person stand out and feel special. In addition to their larger design, sash ribbons come in an array of colors and can be outfitted with different graphics. These ribbons can also be sized for children and adults alike.

Rosette Ribbons

Another popular option is rosette ribbons. Rosette ribbons are all about classic style mixed in with a bit of luxury. One feature that makes this style of ribbons so impressive is the unique bow-like design they have at the top. The large bow on the top is paired with a stream of ribbons that hang on the bottom. This attractive look is an ideal selection when you want to give someone a ribbon that truly stands out or for a more high-end appearance.

These represent just some of the options you have to choose from when designing custom ribbons. Ensure you explore all your options to select the right choice for your needs.