Tips For Reducing The Risk Of Being Injured By A Foul Ball

Posted on: 2 November 2017

Several times each season, professional baseball gets a literal black eye when a fan is hurt by a fast-moving foul ball. Seeing such headlines may make you feel a little nervous about going to a game, but you can still enjoy America's Pastime live and in person without getting hurt. Foul balls can enter the stands within a second or two, barely giving you time to react. However, there are several simple ways that you can enjoy going to professional baseball games and ensure that each member of your family has a positive experience. Here are some tips to reduce the risk of this injury:

Pick Your Seats Wisely

Where you sit plays an enormous role in your likelihood of getting hit by a foul ball. If you buy your tickets in the upper deck at most stadiums, you won't have to worry about a foul ball hitting you — especially not at a high rate of speed. However, if you don't want to be so far away from the game, you'll likely want to sit in the lower seating sections. If you do, just make sure that your seats have protective netting in front of them. This is commonplace in the seating sections behind home plate, and many stadiums are now putting netting behind the dugouts to protect fans in that area, too.

Focus On The Game

Your ability to react to a foul ball coming your way is greatly diminished if you aren't able to see it. Many people stare at their smartphone screens while the game takes place, which is risky behavior. A foul ball can leave the hitter's bat and be in the seats in the blink of an eye, and there's little chance that you'll be able to react if you're not engaged in the game. Keep your eye on the ball, as the saying goes, and focus only on other things around you between innings.

Wear Your Glove

Some people joke about adults who take their baseball gloves to games, but you'll be the one laughing if you can snag a foul ball — and prevent it from injuring you. The best way to do so is to wear a baseball glove, as it provides the padding to catch a ball even if it's heading straight at you. A barehanded catch can be painful and difficult, so your best bet is to always keep your glove on your hand when the play is live.

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