Deciding On A Jersey Or Uniform For Your Cycling Team

Posted on: 6 December 2017

Whether you ride for a team or enjoying cycling by yourself, you have to be comfortable when you ride. The clothing designed for cycling is designed to be comfortable and allow you to move without restricting you too much. If you do ride for a team, the jersey you get will more than likely have the team name, the sponsors, and other information on it. And if you lead the team, you might be the one responsible for the design. Where do you start?

Where To Start

If you are putting together a team jersey, you need to find a vendor to work with that can custom design it or follow your design ideas and work from there. You will need to look at color, materials, and what will be on the jersey. There are some online retailers that allow you to design the entire product yourself using an online design tool that they provide with graphics and colors that you can pick from or mix and match as much as you like. When your design is complete, the vendor will send you a rendering of the final design before they start to produce any jersey to avoid having to remake a design if you want something changed.

Sizing Things Up

Before you order the jerseys, you will need to get the sizes of your teammates. Refer to the sizing chart or talk to the vendor to get the proper measurement guidelines so that you get the right sizes. The jersey is supposed to be form fitting, but you don't want it so tight that it is restrictive. If you are unsure about sizing, you can often talk to a representative from the company and give them the measurements so they can help pick the right size for you or a teammate. Keep in mind that most of these jerseys are made to order so if you get the size wrong, it might mean having to reorder at an additional cost, so if you are not sure on a size, be sure to ask.

Hitting The Road In Style

Now that you have your new jerseys, your team can go out and look great on a weekend ride or a competition. Everyone will look the same and there will be no problem identifying what team you or your teammates are part of. A good looking jersey can help the morale of the team as well. So whether you are a full on competition team or a friendly group that likes cycling, enjoy your new look and go out and tell the world who you are.

For more information and options, work with a company that specializes in men's or women's cycling jerseys.