Why You Want A Short-Stock Shotgun For Home Defense

Posted on: 23 January 2018

Many gun owners appreciate the value of a shotgun for home defense, but you shouldn't buy just any type of shotgun for this purpose. Just as some shotguns lend themselves well to hunting fowl, others are more geared toward protecting your home and your family. Home defense shotguns will commonly have not only a shortened barrel but also a short stock. The shorter stock is a desirable feature for a firearm of this purpose; if your preferred shotgun doesn't have a short stock, you may wish to buy a short stock at your local gun shop and have it mounted in place of the standard stock. Here are some reasons that this feature is handy

It Takes Up Less Space

Many homeowners like to keep their home defense weapon nearby, especially at night. This may mean keeping a shotgun leaning against your wall or stashed under the edge of your bed. With a traditional shotgun, the longer stock can take up space and potentially get in the way of you grabbing the firearm quickly and easily. When you have a shotgun with a short stock, however, it's generally easier to retrieve the weapon smoothly in the event of hearing an intruder in your home.

It Is Easier To Maneuver

Hands down, the biggest advantage of a short-stock shotgun for home defense is that this weapon is easier for you to maneuver. If you hear a threat inside your home and have grabbed your shotgun with the intention of scaring or engaging the threat, you need to be able to get from room to room in a stealthy, agile manner. A big stock is cumbersome and can waste valuable time as you move the barrel to take aim at the suspect. With a short stock, you can carry the shotgun with ease and get it into the firing position quickly.

It Is Better For Control

Ideally, you won't have to fire your shotgun because of an intruder in your home. However, you should always prepare as if you have to one day do so. Some home defense shotguns have a pistol grip and no stock, making them extremely maneuverable. However, in the event that you do need to pull the trigger, especially if you're taking multiple shots, such a weapon can be difficult to control because of its recoil. With a short stock, you can control the weapon against your shoulder and be ready for a second shot if the first one is ineffective.

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