Tune Up For Your First Year Of College Golf By Enrolling In A Summer Golf Camp

Posted on: 8 February 2018

People often picture golf camp as being tailored toward getting young children interested in this pastime, but there's value in attending golf camp even if you're a skilled player who has been at the sport for several years. If you're in your final year of high school and are gearing up to attend college on a golf scholarship, you may be one of the best golfers you know — but that doesn't mean that you should rule out going to golf camp in the months leading up to your departure. Here are some reasons to make this decision.

A Chance To Improve Your Weaknesses

Even if you're talented enough to be a scholarship earner, you need to know that the competition on the college links is tough. You may have breezed through your high school golfing career, but when you square off against the best young golfers from throughout the country, you may encounter some struggles. One of the best things about going to a golf camp designed for teens is that you'll have the ability to refine different parts of your game and, in particular, those that challenge you. Whether it's your sand play or your play out of the rough, a golf camp can improve your skills accordingly. 

An Opportunity To Prepare Mentally

At lots of summer golf camps, you'll find that the instructors are either current or recent college golfers who are working in this capacity to earn some extra money. This means that you have a perfect authority who can talk to you about expectations for the weeks and months ahead. Going away to college on a golfing scholarship can be daunting, but a current student or recent graduate can paint a picture of how your life as a student-athlete will be, and you'll get a chance to ask any questions that you may have, too.

Connections For Future Instruction

The golfing community may be vast, but it can occasionally seem small, too. That means that you might find that one of the golf camp instructors actually attends the school that you'll be going to or lives near it. Every college golfer should be dedicated on improving his or her game, and while you'll get plenty of value from attending the golf camp, you might wish to pursue further instruction. The connections that you make at golf camp may get you lined up with an instructor for when you need one.