Are You Planning A Father's Day For Your Husband Who Loves The Outdoors?

Posted on: 24 April 2018

While your husband might be planning a special day to celebrate you on Mother's Day, he might not have a clue that you are already planning a memorable Father's Day for him. If he loves the outdoors, doing things like boating, fishing, skiing and just spending time at the swimming during the summer months, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a fun and memorable day for your sweetheart.

A Special Event - Is your husband the type of man who likes the anticipation of something that he has helped to plan? Perhaps you know that he would love to be surprised with an event that he wouldn't dream of himself. Or, it might be a combination of a surprise and something he already knows about.

For example, if you have grown children with families of their own, consider inviting them to celebrate Father's Day at a rented beach house or lake house. If you still have young children at home, consider letting them be part of the planning of your Father's Day celebration. For example, you could ask them to do a medley of songs that were made popular by groups like The Beach Boys. Your husband won't care a bit if they sing out of tune. He'll just be tickled to be serenaded by his kids.

A Special Gift - Since your man loves the outdoors, he probably would love the newest in outdoor clothing. Have you heard of the new sports clothes that are created from bamboo? You might have slept on sheets and pillowcases made from bamboo, learning that they are super comfortable to sleep on. The same goes with lightweight clothing that is made of fabric that has bamboo as part of its component. Consider giving a gift basket with many items of clothing in it.

Think of starting with boxer briefs which will more than likely be super different from other underwear he's worn in the past. Add shorts that can be worn in the water and then, because they dry quickly, can be worn with a t-shirt made from the same bamboo fabric. Considering that even summer sometimes has cool mornings and evenings, think about including a full-zip or quarter-zip hoodie as part of your Father's Day gift to your husband. And, for a little dressier look, consider buying polo shirts for when you go somewhere like a restaurant or the movies as part of the Father's Day celebration.  

For more information, contact your local free fly clothing retailer.