3 Ways For Seniors To Ease Their Aches And Pains

Posted on: 23 December 2018

If you're like most senior citizens, you experience occasional aches and pains — and perhaps yours are even more than occasional. Fortunately, there are many options available to those in your position besides simply taking pain medication. It may take a little trial and error before you find the right strategy or combination of strategies that works best for you. Following are just three of the many opportunities available for seniors who could use a little pain relief but don't want to depend too highly on pharmaceutical pain preparations.

Mild Exercise 

A regular routine of low-impact exercise helps keeps aches and pains at bay by increasing muscle strength and flexibility. Exercise also increases levels of endorphins, therefore providing a measure of natural pain relief. Exercise also helps keeps your bones strong and helps keep the weight off — pain in the knee joints is often the result of carrying too much weight. Many fitness clubs and senior centers have exercise programs designed specifically for senior citizens, and walking is another great option. The key is to exercise at least a little bit at least three times per week and every day if at all possible. Even on days when you don't have an exercise class or. walk scheduled, try to get up and get some activity instead of sitting in a chair all day.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is another great option for those seeking to alleviate pain. It can provide significant relief from muscular pain and stiffness and reduces inflammation of muscle tissues after exercising. It's particularly effective for those suffering from low back pain, osteoarthritis in the knees, and fibromyalgia. However, providing effective massage therapy for seniors requires specialized training, so be sure to choose a therapist who has experience with senior massage therapy techniques. Your personal physical may be able to recommend someone in your area. 

Recreational Cannabis 

Although medical marijuana has been part of the pain management picture for a number of years in many parts of the country, an increasing number of states are legalizing recreational cannabis, which makes it an available option for those who don't have a prescription for it from their doctor. An increasing number of seniors in states where recreational cannabis dispensaries are legal are turning to the marijuana for pain relief. Limited studies show that it does have pain-relieving properties. Many seniors prefer to buy edible varieties so they don't have to deal with the smell involved in smoking it. For more information, reach out to recreational cannabis dispensaries in your area.