Tips for Choosing Attire for an Autumn Raft Tour

Posted on: 9 April 2019

Raft outings are synonymous with summer, but many outdoor enthusiasts relish the chance to enjoy this type of excursion even after the weather starts to cool down. Booking a raft tour for the autumn can be appealing because not only can the scenery be picturesque, but the cooler weather is ideal if you're someone who doesn't do well in a lot of heat. Given that the air and water will be cooler than in the summer, you'll need to give some thought to how you'll dress for your autumn raft tour. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind.

Hooded Sweatshirt

You can't go wrong with a hooded sweatshirt when you're choosing what you'll wear for your autumn rafting outing. This garment is ideal because you can put up the hood if it's windy or excessively cool; the latter might be an issue if you're getting onto the water early in the morning. The warmth of the sweatshirt will prevent the wind from cutting through you and chilling your body, which is also ideal when you're moving quickly through the water. Putting down the hood and rolling up the sleeves will provide comfort if the sun comes out.

Waterproof Vest

A waterproof vest is another effective garment for an autumn raft outing. It may be warm enough that you don't need a full jacket, so a vest will keep your core not only comfortable but also dry. You'll cool down and be miserable in short order if your core gets cold, so this garment will be integral to your comfort. Choose a waterproof vest because of its ability to repel water. You'll certainly get splashed during the outing, but you can easily shake off the vest to keep the moisture away from your body.

Rain Pants

It can be challenging to decide what you'll wear below the waist for your autumn raft outing, but a good choice is rain pants. Like your vest, this garment will repel the water that would otherwise cool you down and make you feel uncomfortable. On a cooler day, thermal long underwear below the rain pants is a good choice, given that the pants themselves don't provide a significant amount of warmth. Additionally, these pants are ideal because of their flexibility. Regardless of how you're seated in the raft, they won't bunch up and be uncomfortable. You can also consult a rafting company like Jasper Rafting to obtain other clothing suggestions based on the temperature and expected weather conditions.