Selecting the Right Rifle for the Game You Are After and How You Hunt

Posted on: 23 March 2021

Hunting is a highly personal activity, and while a lot of people hunt, there are different ways to hunt and a lot of different game you can go after. Hunting rifles are selected in many ways, but getting the right one for the game you are after and the places you hunt should be the first consideration.

Game and Rifle Selection

If you are hunting large game, selecting the right hunting rifle is critical. Not all hunting rifles are suitable for all animals, and if you choose a rifle that is too small, you may injury the animal but not kill it. If the animal wanders off and you can not find it, there is the possibility that the animal will be lame and suffer for some time with the injury. 

The goal of any hunter should be to take the animal with a single shot so that they do not suffer. Hunting rifles that are too small for the game you are after can't do that, so it is critical that you talk to the gun shop where they have hunter rifles for sale about what you are hunting before you buy a gun for your hunt. 

The gun shop owner may recommend something a little more basic than you expected, but if you are looking at hunting rifles for your first hunt, it is more important to get a gun that is dependable, durable and accurate, than one that has a lot of extra features on it that you don't know how to use. 

Practice Makes Perfect

When you are looking at hunting rifles for sale, you should start at a gun shop with a firing range available for you to test-fire the gun. Finding the rifle that fits you is crucial, and the way the rifle feels when you fire it can help you select the right one. 

Shooting your new hunting rifle once or twice before you go hunting is not enough. You need to go to the range, shoot a lot, and get comfortable and proficient with the rifle, and that takes practice. The simple truth is, most people are not a great shot when they start shooting, but with practice and familiarity, you can become a great shot with your rifle. 

Optics and Sights

When you start out, you do not need to have the fanciest optics on the market on your new hunting rifles. Hunting rifles come from the factory with very accurate fixed-site systems on them. If you spend some time shooting with those sights, you will get comfortable with them. 

If you want to add a hunting scope for longer shots later, a gun shop that offers hunting rifles for sale can help you choose and mount a scope, but spend some time with the fixed sites first and learn what your rifle will do.