Turn To Baseball Training To Help These Common Pitcher Goals

Posted on: 12 August 2021

At every level of the sport, a baseball pitcher wants to improve their skills. While it's possible to work toward specific goals during the season with the help of a coach, another good option is to frequently visit a training center during the off-season to get better. Baseball training facilities have all sorts of programs that are designed for pitchers that can help to address the challenges that many pitchers have. Whether your child is a high school pitcher who wants to catch the eye of a college scout or a little leaguer who is learning the position, here are some goals that they might have.

Increase Their Velocity

Velocity is often a pitcher's best friend. At any level, a pitcher whose fastball flies at a faster speed than other pitchers can be a dominant force in the league. If your child wants to increase their fastball velocity, they need to do it the right way. This isn't just a matter of moving their throwing arm faster. Visiting a baseball training academy will help your child work toward this goal in numerous ways. Strength training, particularly in the lower body, will help your child to use their legs to generate more forward momentum. Increased shoulder flexibility, achieved through stretching and mobility exercises, can also help.

Get More Movement On Off-Speed Pitches

If your child has reached an age at which it's safe to throw off-speed pitches, there's a good chance that they want to get these pitches to move more as they approach the plate. A curveball or slider that breaks down toward the plate can be difficult for any batter to hit squarely, and a pitcher who has good command of their off-speed pitches can be formidable. Instructors at the academy will work with your child on improving their grip of the ball and the trajectory of their arm movement to help the ball move more.

Improve Their Pick-Off Move

A baseball pitcher who is able to pick off a runner can create a big momentum shift for their team. Often, pitchers struggle with this skill. Your child may feel as though their pick-off move is easy for baserunners to see. At the training center, your child will learn several things that can give them a good pick-off move. They'll learn how to position their legs, look over their shoulder to monitor the runner in a subtle manner, and, most importantly, how to quickly make a throw toward a base without an umpire calling them for a balk.