Your First Conceal And Carry Class: Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on: 1 October 2021

Whether you are fulfilling the requirements of your state's laws or simply want to be a more educated gun owner, there are several reasons why you should enroll in a conceal and carry class. During these classes, you will be taught several aspects of what it means to be a responsible gun owner and carrier, including your state's laws and safety tips. Here are some answers to a few frequently asked questions you might have about what to expect at your first firearm class.

How Long Will the Class Be?

The length of the conceal and carry class is dependent upon several factors, including the state in which you live. For example, in Missouri, you will be required to complete an eight-hour class before you can be granted a conceal and carry license. Other states have no restrictions and do not require a classroom certificate to carry a weapon.

However, even if your state does not have a legal requirement, it is still advisable to participate in a firearm safety class, whether the class is in person or online. You will learn several valuable skills about how to safely and properly own, operate, and store firearms.

What Do You Need to Bring to Your First Class?

In addition to your proof of identification, any necessary paperwork, and payment for the class, there are several other items you will need to comfortably complete the conceal and carry class, including:

  • Ear protection
  • Eye protection
  • An approved firearm and ammunition
  • Firearm holster

Additionally, because in most classes you will be required to shoot a firearm properly to complete the test, you should wear comfortable clothing. If the class is several hours long, you may also be allowed to bring something to drink and a snack.

What Will You Learn During Your First Class?

The curriculum for your class will vary upon the state in which you live. However, in most cases, you will learn a variety of basic skills. For example, you will learn the laws of your state concerning how and when you can carry a firearm. Your instructor will teach you how to properly hold a gun, including hand placement and the proper stance. You will also learn how to properly store guns in the home.

Some states require a written test and a firing test for you to successfully obtain your certification.

Completing a conceal and carry class in your state will help ensure that you are a successful, safe gun owner and, depending on where you live, that you are meeting the state's requirements to legally carry a firearm.