Surf Lesson Prerequisites

Posted on: 27 April 2022

Endurance, control, and balance are essential when surfing for recreational purposes. A basic surfing course may involve land and water skills. Prepare for your first lesson, by purchasing adequate materials that will be needed throughout the course and by practicing some standard exercises.

Your Board And Your Clothing

A surfing course may allow participants to use some standard boards that are supplied through the training outfitter. Otherwise, a participant may be responsible for furnishing their own equipment. Contact the outfitter, to acquire a listing of the staple materials that each surf student will need.

Shortboards and longboards vary in length, width, and weight. Review the dimension and weight guidelines that are furnished through an outfitter. Waxing your new board in advance will provide your feet with traction. This will prevent you from slipping, both during land exercises and water ones.

A wetsuit or a swimsuit will need to be worn during the lessons that will take place in the water. You can wear either of these garments while participating in land lessons too. Your attire should modestly cover your body and should remain snug while you are performing various movements. Some classes may encourage students to wear shorts and a t-shirt for each lesson that will be administered on dry land.

The Movements

A seasoned surfer will have an agile body that can bend into various positions. Being able to strategically move one's body will help a surfer maintain control and balance. During your lessons, you may be required to begin in a lying down position. This is the position that you may actually be in when you first enter the water and attempt to paddle to a deeper section where waves are located.

Once you get moving, you will need to execute a movement that involves lifting your body and standing on your feet. Practicing this type of transition at home can better prepare yourself for your first surfing lesson. To do this, place your surfboard on a firm surface. Get accustomed to lying on your stomach with your arms stretched out. Then, attempt to stand up.

If you are not familiar with the exact way that surfers move their bodies, watch some videos while you practice the movement. In addition to learning this basic technique, exercise regularly. Stretching and working out all of the muscles of your body will help you maintain your endurance, once you are actively participating in live instructor-led lessons. Look into surfing lessons near you for more information.