Keys To Starting Up A Jiu-Jitsu Academy

Posted on: 14 October 2022

If you've practiced the martial art of jiu-jitsu for many years now, you may want to take this experience and benefit other people by starting your own academy. You'll get to enjoy a successful business venture with this martial art if you follow these rules.

Hire the Right Instructors

You may be teaching a lot of the lessons initially, but you'll need support for when you're not able to be at the academy in person. In that case, spend a lot of time finding the right instructors to run some of your kid and adult jiu-jitsu classes.

Start with experience. You want to find black belt-level jiu-jitsu practitioners who've performed this martial art for years. Then you need to focus on discipline and integrity. These qualities will ensure your jiu-jitsu academy is run in a professional manner at all times. 

Create Structured Routines

An important aspect of running a jiu-jitsu academy is having as much structure as you can. This can help in a lot of ways. For one, it's going to keep your instructors focused on lessons for the day. Maybe it's wrestling takedowns in the beginning and then submission defense at the end.

Having structure also shows that your jiu-jitsu academy is run in a professional manner. There is a plan for everything taught and clients want to see this in order to know you're leading them down the right paths. 

Know How to Market Yourself Correctly

The key to attracting people to your jiu-jitsu academy in the beginning is marketing it. You have to be methodical with how you go about this though because marketing does cost money and you may be limited on funds in the beginning. Social media is a good place to start because it is free.

You can tell online users that your academy is open for business and gain interest by showing what clients would learn if they became a member. It's a tease that can help you market to the right audience going forward. Then you'll just need to keep pushing your jiu-jitsu academy on these social media platforms each day.

If you're passionate about jiu-jitsu and want to make a career from it, one thing you might consider is starting an academy. As long as you implement the right teaching philosophies early on and continue to market this academy, you can find a level of success that you're ultimately happy with.