Building An Inground Pool? You'll Need To Decide On These 4 Things

Posted on: 7 February 2023

Have you decided to build an inground swimming pool in your yard? If so, know that this is only the first decision of many that you will have to make. Here is an overview of what questions will come up during the purchasing and construction process.

What Material Do You Want To Use? 

One of the first things you need to decide on is what kind of material you want to use to build the pool. This is because all the materials have different pros and cons you need to be aware of. Your three main options are going to be fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl liner material. 

What Shape Do You Want The Pool To Be? 

Buying a fiberglass pool means that you will need to select the kind of pool you want from a catalog of various pool shells. They are constructed off-site and delivered to your home on a flatbed truck, and there is no way to modify them. What you order is what you get when it comes to the pool's shape. Meanwhile, a concrete and vinyl pool are only limited to what your imagination is when it comes to the pool's design. 

How Deep Do You Want The Pool To Be? 

Want to have a very deep pool that has the depth for a diving board? Then a fiberglass pool is going to be out of the question since they are not made in a style deep enough to accommodate diving. Vinyl and concrete pools can be made to the depth that you want them to be, so can definitely make the pool deep enough for diving.

How Much Maintenance Do You Want To Do? 

Nobody wants to do unnecessary maintenance, but it's a factor to consider when buying a new pool. Fiberglass is one of the easiest surfaces to maintain because it's smooth enough to prevent algae from growing on it. However, vinyl and concrete pools can require a lot of work. Vinyl pools require the liner to be cleaned and inspected for wear and tear since water can leak out through damaged material. Concrete requires the most maintenance since the rough surface of concrete is prone to algae growth 

Feeling confused about what kind of pool you should get? Reach out to an inground pool contractor in your area for their assistance. They can let you know more about all of these questions when purchasing a new pool.